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How much will your watches cost over a brand-new watch?

Look at that watch. It costs 6,000 CHF, or about 8500 GBP. The price of a new, unmodified model is around 7000 GBP. That's 1.2 times more expensive.

It's a very good deal. Your watches used to cost about three times as much as a brand-new, unmodified one. How did you achieve this lower price?

Our team has become more professional and our processes have improved. We have spent a lot of money and time perfecting our work to a level that we are satisfied with. Now we can take on bigger projects and do more successful ones like the BWD x Sinn Replica.

This is an amazing watch. This is not what I expected.

Hiroshi Fujiwara, his team and Fragment worked together to design this watch.Swiss Replica Watches He has designed for many famous brands, including Louis Vuitton and Nike. Zenith helped us remove the dial indices during the process. We wanted to achieve a more pared-down dial treatment.

Hiroshi is a Japanese producer, designer, and musician

It's amazing how you use what watch brands have created as the basis for your transformation. Your job is only to think about how you can express your creativity using the form that they provide.Longines Replica Watches You are doing something that the watch brands can't do, because they have to produce for a wide market and with mass tastes. Zenith's design studios would never even consider moving in this direction.

Zenith doesn't have to approve my designs. I just send them to them. They were reluctant when I sent them my Fragment timepiece. Then I said I would make one piece for them and send it to them. They were just amazed and loved it. It's so subtle, it's so simple and yet it works.

Siemens DX Siemens DX

Realitis, iSDX and DXR Models plus Procenter

Crystal are experts in the Siemens/Unify DX platforms so if you need any help then you have come to the right place. We also manage applications like Procenter and Voicemail

Hosted Hosted Telephony

Connect from anywhere on any device

Complete flexibility, resilience, complete disaster recovery and no hardware to manage. Hosted is also pay per month to minimise your investment

Mitel Mitel 3300

Hosted and Hardware versions of the Mitel 3300

Crystal have the expertise to look after your existing solution or supply you with a new Mitel 3300. Our expertise extends to applications such as teleworker, voicemail and Lync Integration

Team Member Lines and Calls

One Company looking after all your telecoms

We only use the highest quality networks to route your calls, transfers to us are seamless and it means all your telephony is managed from one place

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