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The most exciting watches of 2020 won't be new releases, nor will they come from a brand. It's the ongoing collaboration between Bamford Watch Department, a former watch modder who is now a legit company, and Black Badger the mad scientist turned industrial designer. We've already seen Bamford, Black Badger and Chopard Replica with dials made of 'Fordite (industrial paints and automotive overspray) and coffee grounds. This latest chapter of this collaboration journey takes the focus away from the dial and onto case.

Chopard Replica Superconductor is the watch, and its case is unlike any other watch case that we have ever seen. It's superconductor. Superconductor can be defined as anything that is able to superconduct. This means that a material has no resistance to an electrical current. Materials such as alloys of niobium, titanium, and niobium nitride are used to make particle accelerators,Chopard Replica MRI devices, and watch cases. From a watchmaking standpoint, the appeal of this material has nothing to do the scientific properties, but everything to do the aesthetics. When cut along the grain, the copper-niobium material used by Bamford & Black Badger appears as a honeycomb of silvery niobium in a copper case, creating a unique and organic appearance. The 42mm case, designed by James Thompson at Black Badger in Switzerland and made of a single piece of superconductive material, is sliced to maximize visual impact. The prototype's lug horns are made of copper and the case has been treated in order to highlight the unique characteristics of the alloy.

Bamford’s El Primero reimagining is not just about the futuristic case. There are other elements that work. The dial is matte black, but with the 'Bamford dial text'. All of the dial details are rendered in warm coppery-gilt, and there's a Zenith star on a sliver handset.Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica From the back, you can see the El Primero automatic 400B beating at 5Hz with 50 hours of power. The strap also has a thematic connection to the rest of the timepiece -- black suede and gold contrast stitching. This results in a watch that is pleasingly cohesive with a strong theme.

El Primero has always been a watch that can be adapted to any situation. In recent years, it has embraced its history. But with the addition of the Shadow and the Bamford Limited Edition (of 20), the 50-year old is able to look futuristic. It's an almost dystopian future. In which George Bamford, his moderators, and a gang of Mad Max-esque watchesmakers scavenge scrapped particle-accelerators for case material, and Baselworld's once-glorious halls have been transformed into a shantytown with no rules. In this vision of the future, it's nice to see the El Primero holding its own. It should be.

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